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Transcription Services

Transcription services are a natural adjunct for court reporting firms to offer. We have a very experienced team of transcriptionists and proofreaders.

  • Video recordings of police traffic stops
  • Video recordings of police interrogations
  • Telephone statements
  • Telephone conversations
  • Conversations recorded with a concealed recorder
  • All of the text messages on an iPhone between a husband and wife
  • Video recordings of New Orleans Board of Zoning meetings
  • Video recordings of legislative session meetings
  • Public hearings
  • Business board meetings
  • Corporate planning meetings
  • Video and audio recordings of various types of interviews

Through the years we have provided services to not just attorneys and law firms, but also to countless individuals and companies from all types of businesses.

We coordinate transcription services through our Lafayette office, but can provide them to anyone virtually anywhere. All you have to do is get the recordings to us along with any information you have available that will help us to understand the setting and subject matter, and identify the participants. Digital video or audio recordings can be transferred to us via Dropbox or other FTP server, or on tape, CD, DVD or USB flash drive via UPS or FedEx. We have even extracted video or audio recordings from online content.

We have the ability to filter recordings of poor audio quality or with background noise somewhat in order to hear and understand the words spoken a bit better. We’re not audio specialists who can dissect bits of sound from among several sound sources at a given second, but we do everything we can to ensure we’ve understood what was said to avoid indicating one or more words were inaudible if at all possible.

We can provide the transcript in a word-searchable electronic PDF or E-Transcript file. We can even synchronize the text of a video or audio recording to the recording, which results in a very powerful tool. For example, we synced the transcript of a police traffic stop to the video recording. This allowed the attorney to scrutinize the video to a significantly greater degree. As a result, he was able to discern that the police officer was discreetly turning the microphone switch on his belt off and on as he interrogated the person he had stopped. It became obvious that significant portions of the dialogue had intentionally not been recorded, which tipped the balance so that he won the case.


Our rates are better than you are likely to find elsewhere. We scale our rates according to the difficulty of the content and the type of end product requested.

If the recording is of two, three or four speakers who are easy to identify and the audio is clear, then the cost is on the low end of the scale. Of course the more difficult it is to understand and identify the speakers, the more effort it takes and the higher the cost. Poor quality audio, background noise, and participants who mumble or speak over each other, thick accents and highly technical terminology are variables that must be considered. But even for the most difficult content, our rates are quite reasonable.

We are glad to provide the transcript in

  • rough draft printed or by email, or
  • proofread form printed or emailed, or
  • certified in printed and hand-signed form or by email with digital signature.*

Each level costs a bit more appropriately. Many of our typists are good enough that the rough drafts they produce are near proofread quality, but we can only certify a transcript after proofreading it. Please contact us for pricing or a specific quote.

*Please note that the Louisiana court reporters certificate board does not recognize digital signatures as legal certification at this time. Their current opinion is that the reporter must personally review and hand-sign the printed transcript.