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About Us

Actually we are all about you, that is the bottom line. We bring to the table a 30-plus-year proven track record of dependability, expediency, professionalism and dedication to meet your needs.

We are much more than just a couple of local court reporters that can take a deposition for you and send it to you in a couple weeks. Counting our office staff, court reporters, videographers, translators, process servers, transcriptionists, proofreaders, scopists and trial presentation technicians, we are a team of about 80 Louisiana residents here for the sole purpose of serving your court reporting and litigation support needs. Add in all of the contacts with whom we network around the country and the world, and were a team of hundreds ready to assist you.

We care and have the technical know-how to get things done.

Whatever it is that you need in the realm of court reporting and litigation support, we will go out of our way to handle it for you. goDEPO is a Louisiana company, but we can personally provide or arrange for all the services listed on this website virtually anywhere you may need them.

We are here to assist every member of your team.

We realize that the legal secretaries and paralegals carry a great deal of the load in the legal field. We provide top-notch reporters and videographers for depositions and other legal proceedings, but more than that, we are here to help the legal secretaries, paralegals and attorneys find the best and most efficient way to get things done. We’ll help you find the location, line up the videographer, arrange for parties to participate via inexpensive high-end videoconferencing on their computers, arrange and test videoconference suites, line up the notary public to verify the identity of the witness and swear her in, whatever you need… We are glad to help you.

About our Court Reporters and Videographers

We employ an average of 45 court reporters and twelve videographers located throughout Louisiana, including Lafayette, New Orleans, the Northshore, Shreveport, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Alexandria, Monroe and in-between all over Louisiana. Our home base is the centrally located city of Lafayette, while we maintain offices with conference rooms mostly for your convenience in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport and Alexandria. And we can arrange for conference rooms in most other locations.

Our ability to serve you goes beyond the borders of Louisiana. We network directly with hundreds of court reporting firms, court reporters and videographers throughout the country, many of whom we know personally or on a first-name basis.

We strive to ensure all of our court reporters are top-notch. All are of course certified by the Louisiana Board of Examiners of Certified Shorthand Reporters. Most hold additional certifications from the National Court Reporters Association or National Verbatim Reporters Association. Most are steno machine reporters, several of whom are excellent realtime providers. We also have several skilled voicewriters, many of whom utilize the latest speech recognition technology.

The same is true of our videographers. All are experienced professionals who adhere to the highest of standards, and most of whom are NCRA CLVS or AGCV certified.

Many of our reporters have been with us for a very long time, 10, 15, 25, even 30 years. Several of our videographers got their start in the industry through Phil and goDEPO (Kaufman & Associates at that time) over 15 years ago. We believe this longevity and dedication says a lot about goDEPO . One of our newer reporters recently had this to say about working with us:

Nicole B., CCR: I have been a court reporter for eight years and I have to say that Phil Kaufman’s goDEPO is by far the best of the several court reporting agencies with whom I have worked. The staff members make my job as a court reporter so much easier. They are very organized and efficient. I appreciate that goDEPO utilizes the latest technology to meet the needs of attorneys and provide the best of tools to support their reporters. goDEPO has specific protocols leaving no question about what is expected of the court reporters. If I have a question or encounter something new, I know I can look to Phil and goDEPO for the answer. I am very happy to be a part of the goDEPO team.

Our Office Staff is ready to assist you:
  • Phillip Kaufman - President/CEO/Owner - Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Law and Political Science, Louisiana Certified Court Reporter, NCRA Certified Court Reporting Instructor, NCRA Certificate in Trial Presentation, Notary Public, Louisiana Board of Examiners of Certified Shorthand Reporters Board Member 2009-2012
  • Scheduling -; Ext. 101
  • Bookkeeper/Controller -; Ext. 106
  • Invoicing -; Ext. 105
  • Production & Transcription Coordinator -; Ext. 102
  • Read & Signs; Affidavits; Shipping -; Ext. 107
  • Videoconferencing and Video Production -; Ext. 108
  • Office Manager -; Ext. 109

We wish we were able to really get to know you and your staff personally. Unfortunately, in this fast-paced world, and with a reach that is statewide, it’s not feasible. But if you can spare a moment, we’d like to know more about you, so call or send us an email.