Videoconferencing saves time and money, and many of our clients will tell you they believe it is as effective as being there in person. With the rising costs of travel, insurance company cutbacks and the growing demands on your time, you owe it to yourself and your clients to give videoconferencing a try. Examples of time and cost savings appear on the lower part of this page.

We’re so confident you will like goDEPO ’s H.323 suites and/or goViaVIDEO high-end computer-based mobile videoconferencing, we’ll provide a connection on either FREE* for the first videoconference deposition you schedule with us, as long as you also use a goDEPO court reporter to take the deposition. We’ll be glad to show you how it works and how we can save you and your client’s time and money.

goDEPO has over 15 years of experience in high-end videoconferencing. The greatest benefits to using our services are:

  • Our experience helps ensure a successful videoconference
  • We will make all the arrangements for you
  • We will conduct one or more test connections at least a day before
  • We will monitor the entire meeting so if something goes wrong, we are on top of fixing it quickly
  • If you are using our computer-based offerings, we’ll guide you through setup and provide a brief but thorough training in how to use it

We have Polycom-based H.323 suites in Lafayette, New Orleans and Shreveport, as well as the ability to arrange high-end computer-based videoconferencing between locations almost anywhere. Here are some examples of connections we have facilitated:

  • Using our Polycom system in our Lafayette office, an attorney deposed a motorman on a deep sea drilling rig in the North Sea
  • Using computers on both ends, an attorney in Lafayette, Louisiana took a deposition of a soldier in the field in Bagdad
  • A witness testified in court from her bed in a hospital
  • A 5-year-old girl testified in court from a private room in the courthouse
  • An attorney participated in a deposition of a witness in New Orleans that came up unexpectedly while he was on vacation in the Dominican Republic without interrupting his vacation for more than a few hours
  • An attorney conducted a focus group of which we streamed video to his colleagues in separate offices in the building as well as to an expert in another state
  • An attorney using his laptop at his desk in his office in New Orleans deposed a witness in a videoconference suite in Golden, CO
  • An attorney on his yacht in the Pacific Ocean near Acapulco used his laptop to depose a witness who was in his home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Many of our clients, having tired of driving frequently to cities 2-4 hours drive from home to take depositions, now sit at their desks to take them.

Why not use Skype or WebEx? You get what you pay for. A deposition is too important to deal with significant video or audio lag, have the connection drop or have difficulty understanding distorted audio. And what about security? Beware of Skype: It is easy to hack into a Skype videoconference. Just Google Skype and hack and you will find numerous sites that sell software that allow a person to hack into a Skype feed. You don’t want a witness’ testimony out in the public domain. Our systems are superior to Skype, plus you have our personal support.

What about doing it yourself? Chad Lieberman, a Colorado attorney wrote, “I would always suggest using a court reporting firm or other videoconference provider, which should be properly equipped to handle the video feed. The onus is therefore on the hired court reporting firm to have working equipment. Otherwise, should you [make all the arrangements yourself and the connection is horrible or drops,] everyone looks at you.”

Plus we can RECORD the videoconference and provide it to you on DVD. We can even sync the deposition transcript to the video recording.

These Tips Help Ensure Successful Videoconferencing:
  1. Make sure your notice is very clear as to where the deponent will be and the time, including the correct time zone. If we arrange the farside location, we’ll provide your staff with the address for the notice.

  2. If using a computer-based system, participate (or have your tech or secretary participate) in a test connection using the equipment in the location you will be participating from, with us and all other parties, at least one day before the deposition. If you will be using one of our H.323 suites, we will handle all the testing.

  3. If using a computer-based system, especially a laptop, be aware that the proximity of your microphone to your speakers may generate a distracting echo. It’s best to use a separate microphone and speakers positioned well apart, or a conference microphone/speaker such as a ClearOne Chat50.

  4. Exhibits: As much as possible, anticipate what exhibit(s) you will want to show the witness so you have them readily available for the videoconference. You should scan and save as PDFs all the documents you may want to discuss and/or attach. We recommend you then send the PDFs to goDEPO and we’ll print a set for the court reporter who will hand each to the witness when you ask. If the witness will be providing documents, ask the witness to have them scanned to PDF in advance and bring them to the depo on a flash drive. Before the deposition we’ll show any participants that may need to display documents in the videoconference how to do so. The paper copies can be annotated by the witness as needed, marked for identification and provided to the court reporter for attachment. Or we can show you and/or the witness how to draw or make notations on a PDF that is displayed for all videoconference participants to see, then save it with the notations as an electronic exhibit for attachment in electronic or printed form. One caveat: If you want the court reporter to present the printed exhibit(s) to the witness, give her/him time to hand the document(s) to the witness. S/he cannot take down the testimony and hand out documents at the same time.
Examples of Time and Cost Savings

More and more attorneys are using videoconferencing to take or attend depositions to which they would otherwise have to drive or fly. The following examples illustrate average savings in time and money:

Consider an attorney who resides in Lafayette who takes a two-hour deposition in Houston or Monroe via:

  • 1) driving, compared to
  • 2) using goDEPO ’s computer-based videoconferencing system

    1. Time Investment: 10 ½ hours (Driving time of 8 hours roundtrip, plus 2 ½ hours in the deposition). You could be working on other cases or spending that evening with your family.
    2. Stress Level: Dealing with traffic, road construction or the small-town-traffic-cop who caught you speeding.
    3. Cost: $320 plus your fees for the travel
      1. Your firm or client would pay about $260 for your mileage (450 miles x 58 cents/mile).
      2. Plus two meals $60
      3. Plus the gas and wear-and-tear on your vehicle.

    1. Time Investment: 2 ½ hours.
    2. Stress Level: Five minutes before start time, sit down at your desk and click connect.
    3. Cost: $170-210
      1. $50 setup fee plus $60/hr ($30** per connection) X 2 Hrs = $170
      2. Using your computer at your office, no additional charge. Using ours in our conference room, $40 flat fee.
      3. Farside law firm provides computer with webcam and mic: $0.
      4. You gain 8 hours to accomplish more at the office and home

Now compare the same attorney taking a two-hour deposition in Detroit, Michigan via:

  1. 1) flying
  2. 2) goDEPO ’s goViaVIDEO videoconference suite in Lafayette
  3. 3) goDEPO ’s goViaVIDEO computer-based videoconferencing system

    1. Time Investment: 2 days away from firm and home
    2. Stress Level: Airport lines, rushing to catch flights and cramped seats
    3. Cost: $1100 plus your travel time fees
      1. Roundtrip airfare to Detroit $680
      2. Hotel for one night $200
      3. Taxi or shuttle $60
      4. 4 Meals $160

    1. Time Investment: 2 ¾ hours.
    2. Stress Level: A half hour before the depo, drive 15 minutes to our downtown Lafayette office. The same is true for our New Orleans and Shreveport/Bossier City offices.
    3. Cost: $570. Our suite $75/hr** X 2 hours + Detroit suite $200/hr X 2
    4. You gain two days to accomplish more at the office and home

    1. Time Investment: 2 ½ hours.
    2. Stress Level: Five minutes before start time, sit down at your desk and click connect.
    3. Cost: $470
      1. $50 setup fee plus $60/hr ($30** per connection) X 2 Hrs = $170
      2. Detroit reporting firm computer connection 2 hrs X $150 = $300
      3. You gain two days to accomplish more at the office and home

*Depending on the arrangements required, there may be charges by the farside (i.e. the company providing the conference room or equipment/connection at the other location) or for the deployment of one of our computer systems to the other location.

** When you use our reporter and/or videographer, i.e., one we have assigned